Guest Transportation and Parking Details

All guests and visitors must adhere to all of our rules, policies and guidelines while on our property and the property of any designated parking lot serving The Barn at Paint Fork.  All guests are REQUIRED to read our GUEST RULES AND POLICIES before purchasing tickets and/or before being allowed on property.   

Due to poor cellular coverage in our area, we highly recommend you print out any details, directions, maps or other information before leaving home.

Transportation Options:

  • Our guests have six options for arriving at our venue:

    1. Typical Guest - Park and Ride​ Shuttle Bus to our venue (park at remote lots assigned per your ticket print out)

    2. Special Needs/Accessibility On Site Parking (guests must contact us no later than 48 hours in advance of event).

    3. Special Needs/Accessibility Drop Off on site (guests must contact us no later than 48 hours in advance of event).


General Parking Policies:

In accordance with industry standards, The Barn at Paint Fork has implemented the following entry procedures for all events. Each event may have exceptions to these policies. Be sure to check the event pages before attending.


  • There is NO on-site parking for attendee vehicles at our event venue property.  Please DO NOT drive to our property with the expectation of parking on site.  Exceptions: Guests with special needs and  guests arriving on motorcycles.   See paragraphs below dedicated to both of thee topics.


  • ALL GUESTS are required to utilize our Park and Ride remote parking lots and our shuttle bus service for riding to and from the events.

    • Exceptions: 

      • Accessibility challenged individuals please email us no later than 24 hours before your event start.


  • Parking lot LOCATIONS are temporary and are subject to change at any time.   

  • Please bookmark this webpage and back on the day of your event to verify the parking lot location and updated Google Maps for your event.

  • Lots are only open during our event hours.  Any car left in the remote parking lots after midnight, WILL BE TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE.


  • If you feel that you have a need that requires flexibility on any policy listed below, we request that you contact us 48 hours ahead of time at  We cannot make exceptions if we are notified only at the day of the event or during the event hours.


Park and Ride (Remote Parking):

  • Parking lots open at the same time as our "Gates Open" time.  Please check show time for the event you plan to attend.

  • Please DO NOT drive to our property with the expectation of parking on site. You will be turned away.

  • All vehicles should report ONLY to our designated parking lots and await further transportation via shuttle buses.

  • Locations for our remote parking lot are subject to change without notice, therefore please check back on the day of the event for updated maps and locations.

  • Please refer to your admission ticket, which will indicate your assigned parking lot.  Below are the links to the Google Maps / GPS coordinates  for our temporary lots: 

    Please refer to your event ticket which will indicate which parking lot you have been assigned.​


Parking – On Site - Accessibility /Special Needs:

  • Parking lots open at the same time as our "Gates Open" time.  Please check show time for the event you plan to attend.

  • Accessibility needs guests, please contact us via email at, no later than 48 hours before the event, to arrange for  special assigned parking on site.  

  • If we are unable to accommodate your parking needs, we will work with you for special transportation directly to the gate entry point. 

  • All those requesting special needs/accessibility parking must present an official ADA hang tag of official ADA license plate upon arrival, in order for security guards to allow passage onto the property.


Drop-Off - On Site - Accessibility/Special Needs:

  • The Barn at Paint Fork does NOT have a designated Drop off / Pick Up area for the general public.  We do however, work with special needs individuals who need accessibility to our property.


  • Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance of the gate opening time, so that we can work directly with you to accommodate your needs.  This assistance requires planning, so therefore any notification inside 48 hours may result in less than optimal accessibility provisions. 

  • Please note that in a drop-off situation, you will be required to show our event security staff your official accessibility hang tag (or official ADA license plate) prior to being allowed to bring your vehicle onto our property.  All other guests will be turned away unless special provisions are made ahead of time.

  • Please NEVER attempt to unload any vehicle on Paint Fork Road.  This is a public street and all laws and safety regulations apply to vehicles, drivers and pedestrians.  This will create a severely dangerous situation that may result in injury or fatalities.  



Tailgating is strictly prohibited at The Barn at Paint Fork and all of its designated parking lots. This includes, but is not limited to, drinking alcoholic beverages, grilling out, and games or any other activities that may obstruct or distract traffic. Management appreciates your cooperation in helping us provide a safe environment for all patrons.


Lot Open Times:

In general our parking lots open at the same time as our gate open times.  Please reference "Gate Open" times for any event in order to know when parking lots will be ready for you.  These times are subject to change from event to event and without prior notification.  Therefore we highly recommend you check the details for each specific event, on the day of the event to get the latest updates.

See here for our Frequently Asked Questions section.