What to Expect....on the day of your event.

The Barn at Paint Fork is a unique venue, perhaps unlike any you have ever experienced.  Our motto is "Come celebrate simpler times...." and we mean it.  The Barn is a very cool, yet no flare, no frills place where people come as they are and just focus on the good stuff.   They say attitude is everything, and we agree.   We want you to have a good time but we also realize part of having a good time is knowing what you are getting yourself into before you arrive.  So we thought we would make a summary of things to expect. 


We have a very detailed list of Guest Rules and Policies, as well as Frequently Asked Questions , that may also help, but here is a summary of what we offer, do not offer, as well as what we are and are not about around here.  If you have any questions just let us know.

  1. First and foremost:  we are simple, causal folks.  Ritz is for the crackers in your cupboard.  We believe in the K.I.S.S. method and our venue is built with that in mind.  We think you will like our "no frills," unpretentious atmosphere.

  2. We are remote.   Our venue is literally "in the middle of nowhere."   So do not be surprised when you cannot find a gas station or restaurant for several miles.   Come prepared.

  3. The remote location also potentially impacts your cellular phone coverage, depending on your carrier.  You may (or may not) be able to make a phone call, but more than likely you will NOT have access to your phone's GPS, internet, email and other data type functions.  Public WiFi is available.

  4. Our venue is small but unique,  which means we have a cool place to visit but do not have a large staff.  It may take you a little longer than usual to get your ticket scanned at the entry, get your bag searched and then get your wristband.   Please be patient and kind to our staff.

  5. We are primarily an outdoor venue.  We have a wonderfully decorated, yet small structure we call "The Barn" which is based on a farm theme, but loaded with old toys and tools from our childhood.  It makes you think about what life used to be like back in the day.   The Barn is where we will process wristbands and have a few other tables set up for things like souvenir sales or customer service on event days.  

  6. We have our "Beer Container" building which is where guests will to get your wine or beer on event night.  There are no facilities for guests in this building.  It is for staff only.  We sell beer and wine, but not mixed drinks.  Liquor sales in our county are illegal, so come have beer, hard cider or wine with us.  You will need a wristband to consume alcohol.   Please read our Wristband Policy.

  7. We also have food trucks and non-alcoholic beverages.   Grab a bite and find a table and enjoy the music and the company.

  8. Our stage is made from locust wood and is unique.  It is a larger size stage than most small venues, so the bands have plenty of room to perform.  Guests are not allowed on stage. 

  9. We have parking, but very little.   All guests (with a few exceptions) MUST park at our remote parking lots.  Contact us ASAP if you have special needs or accessibility requests.

  10. This also means you will be taking part in our "Park and Ride" service (riding a shuttle bus to and from the venue).  The bus ride is free.  Currently, our average door to door trip time is less than 15 minutes, but that is subject to change as our crowd sizes grow.  Why not take the time to shake a strangers hand and say hello.  You are going to be together for quite a while during the event.  We like smiling faces and friendly folks.

  11. All bags will be searched (see our policy here) by our event security staff.  See also our list of items that are prohibited.

  12. All tickets are General Admission, but even still, that does not mean a seat awaits you when you arrive.  This is why ALL tickets are labeled as SRO (standing room only).  Our venue is about moving around, socializing (some use a fancy term called "mixing").  We do have a few informal style seats spread around the property that are great to just take a load off.  But we ask that you not occupy any given seat for the entire night.  You will be doing a lot of standing and walking and a little bit of sitting.   But most of all we hope you do a lot of dancing.  If you want to see photos of the area near the stage, check out our concert photo gallery by clicking here.

  13. We have neighbors and we live here too, so please, stay on our property.  We do have security agents all around, but everything is a whole lot easier if our guests just stay near The Barn.  If people start wandering through private property, or bothering the neighbors, you are going to hear from us and we might even ask you to leave.

  14. After the event is over, you must board our shuttle buses can expect about ten-twenty minutes before you will be back at your car.  We think we can get you back faster, but again....expectations.  We vow to do our very, very best to make your departure is as quickly as possible.

  15. We have a list of things that are  prohibited  ,and acceptable, to bring with you to our property, in our Guest Rules and Policies.  Please leave your weapons, guns, drugs, food, coolers, and golf umbrellas at home.   We will find them, and you will not be happy when we do.  We want everyone to be happy.

  16. PLEASE read our other documents such as Parking Details and Guest Rules and Policies as well as our FAQ.   Together, all of these will help paint the whole picture of what we are all about here.

  17. Kids are always welcome.  Just be reminded that this is going to be primarily an adult atmosphere, so just set your expectations accordingly.

  18. Wear comfortable shoes.   Most of our grounds are covered in gravel, some concrete and a little bit of grass.

  19. Most of all, we want you to have the best time ever.   Our staff is dedicated to assisting you in having a great time while you are here.  Please let them know if you need anything or have questions.  Once the event is over, let us hear from you if you feel we can improve on our "simple" concept.

That is about it.... any questions?  Try our FAQ section for more assistance.  We hope you have a good time here!

The Barn Folks