Barn Fans, lets have some community fun and win some prizes at the same time!   Announcing our "Treasure Hunt" game, which begins immediately.   We have hidden "bounty" around the area and if you find it, YOU WIN!   

What is the bounty?   A small flat token approximately the size of a credit card.  Each token has instructions on what to do with it once you find it, in order to claim your prize.  This token is unique and with official design and engraving so that each hunter will undeniably know they have found a prize. 

How many bounties are there?   All we can reveal is that we will provide clues for each individual bounty.  That will tell you how many are hidden in the wild.  The true number will go up and down as we release more, and some are found.

What are the prizes?   At a minimum, each bounty will win one free ticket to any concert of your choosing, at the Barn, PLUS one other prize (per bounty) such as cash, gift cards, merchandise, autographed merchandise, and much more!   Each bounty is unique, and depending on which one you find, the prize will be different.  Once you follow the directions on the bounty, we will reveal your prize to you.

Give us a clue!    We will release clues every Monday morning, for each bounty that remains in the wild at that time. Clues will be released on FB and Instagram and also archived on this web page so hunters can refer to them at any time.  Once collected by The Barn, we may hide the bounty again to award even more prizes.  See below for more details.


1.  No staff member of The Barn may participate.

2.  Please make safety your number one priority when hunting.   DO NOT violate any laws at any time in your efforts to find the bounties.

3.  Bounties will never be hidden on private property unless specifically called out in our clues.  Therefore please do not enter private property at any time during your search efforts.

4.  Individuals may only collect only one bounty per week.

5.  Please do not come to The Barn to collect your prize unless you have arranged your visit with us ahead of time.  The Barn is not staffed during off-hours.

6. Please follow the instructions written directly on the bounty token in order to begin the process to claim your prize.



Bounty 001

  • Clue 001 - (Eddie (or whoever hides the bounties) needs to provide these clues to Kevin)