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6:30 PM
Open to everyone
Motorcycles welcome, no colors (mc or rc). 
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About Jackyl

First bursting upon the scene with their self-titled, platinum-certified debut album in 1992, Jackyl has made a name for themselves as a killer live band that delivers night after night, and has continued to offer up good old fashioned blues boogie over the years, as evidenced on such subsequent albums as 1994’s gold-certified ‘Push Comes to Shove,’ all the way to their most recent release, ‘ROWYCO.’


“Its not about coming to see a Jackyl show, its about coming to be a part of it,” Says Jesse Dupree.  “Every show becomes a family reunion.”

It’s also an incredible accomplishment when a rock band has been successful enough to reach the 29-year mark since the release of their first album. ​


“At the time we first hit the scene, we were told by quite a few interviewers and fans that we sounded like a cross between Black Oak Arkansas and AC/DC,” explains Jackyl. “While we were very familiar with AC/DC, we were not familiar with BOA. We went back and listened, and were blown away - so much so, that we recorded a cover of one of their most kick ass tunes, ‘Hot and Nasty,’ 

About Throwdown Jones

Throwdown Jones is one of the fastest-growing Rock N' Roll Party Bands in the Carolinas. Hailing from Morganton [NC], originally formed under the name Acoustafix in 2007, the band continues to thrive today, performing for large outdoor festivals, bike rallies and continuously packing out clubs, first in North Carolina and now branching out all across the US. This is no garage band here, kids. These seasoned and talented musicians are on a mission to create music the way it was meant to be: live, loud, and with no apologies.


With a heavy emphasis on vocal harmonies, thick funk grooves and thumping electric numbers, Throwdown Jones pride themselves on twisting the average, boring, everyday songs into new, crowd-jumping show-stoppers, sure to keep the party kicking all the way to last call and beyond.

Covering virtually every genre of music from Journey, Foreigner, Scorpions to Kid Rock, AC/DC, Prince and Run DMC, Throwdown Jones runs an impressive gamut of musical versatility.  Sought out and sharing the stage with the likes of legendary acts such as Boston, Hinder, Creed, Bret Michaels of Poison and the Bret Michaels Band just to name a few, this mega force of maverick musicians show no signs of stopping.


It's all about the fans every member will tell you verbatim; "each one of them. It always has been". Words that ring true for these 'Men of Mayhem' every time without fail and the way they sweat on stage to a show just that never ceases to amaze. We keep it fun. Plain and simple. We're here to make sure the crowds have a good time...everytime, and all the time. 


There is no substitute. There is no question. There is no DOUBT. 

About Gutterhound

GUTTERHOUND is a four piece original heavy rock band from Asheville, NC. with a sound melding retro hard rock with undeniable grunge and alternative elements. Their music is dark and energetic, to say the least.

"Calloway‘s guitar tones and playing brought to mind moments of Jerry Cantrell, but with a decidedly heavier edge. Schaffer‘s between-songs banter was hilarious and profanity-laden, while his vocals exercised good range and solid presentation. All while the rhythmic foundation of Brigman and Hunnicutt kept things anchored nicely with a powerhouse base for which all else was built upon." ~Pat‘Riot’ Whitaker, Riff Relevant


"When they claim 'It’s all about the rock,' believe ’em."
~ Bill Kopp,30 Days Out, MOUNTAIN EXPRESS