If you have ever been part of planning a high school class reunion, you will understand the pain and agony and the feeling of never wanting to do it again.  We all love seeing old friends and sharing fun memories, but the fact is, pulling off a good class reunion takes tons of time that no one has, and a bundle of money that must be in place before even the first reservation can be made!  Tracking who is coming and who is not coming is always a task!  Will you raise enough money to cover the basic costs?  Is the venue you want to rent already booked?  Who is bringing food?   Forget about it!!

Now, North Buncombe High School alumni no longer have to endure that pain!  We are here to make it easy on each and every graduating class from 1955 to 2019!  
The Barn at Paint Fork announces Hawk Fest! 

This festival will be held annually during homecoming weekend in the Fall.  Let's make Homecoming what it was meant to be...a return home to celebrate your friends, relive the memories and pay tribute to your alma mater!  RETURN TO THE NEST is this year's theme!

The Barn at Paint Fork will provide to the community a uniquely special venue for hosting the "Main Event" on Saturday afternoon, each Homecoming weekend.  Your class will be responsible for virtually nothing more than helping to spread the word.  We will handle the planning and costs of the Main Event, including providing food trucks, concessions, and entertainment.   If your class desires to add a few events to this special weekend, that is entirely up to you.  Our proposed agenda allows for every class to "plugin" customized events by pre-planning within allotted "free time" time slots during the weekend. 

We will also have LIMITED "booth" (pop up tent) spaces for rent for a very, very nominal fee, so that your class can have its own "area" at the venue to mix and mingle. 

Here is our proposed schedule of events for Hawk Fest 2020 (subject to change without notice):

Friday, October 2, 2020:
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Optional FREE TIME for individual classes to customize and which will occur at other locations determined by each class.
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Homecoming Football Game
10:00 pm until - Optional FREE TIME for individual classes to customize and which will occur at other locations determined by each class.

Saturday, October 3, 2020:
10:00 am - until 4:00 pm  - Individual classes set up their booth at The Barn
11:00 am - 6:00 pm - Optional FREE TIME for individual classes to customize and which will occur at other locations determined by each class
4:00 pm until 5:00 pm - The Barn will be cleared of all individuals, gates secured, and tickets will be required to re-enter.
5:00 pm - Remote parking lot, gates and Box Office at The Barn will open, and ticket scanning will commence.

6:00 pm - 10:30 pm - Hawk Fest Main Event at The Barn - open to all alumni who have purchased tickets.

Sunday, October 4, 2020: 

8:00 am - noon - Final time slot for Optional FREE TIME for individual classes to customize and which will occur at other locations determined by each class.

Tickets to the Main Event will be $10/person in advance or $20/person at the gate on the day of the event.  

Please note, The Barn at Paint Fork a participant of Hawk Fest, and is not in control of any other proposed events.  This is an earnest attempt at allowing NBHS alumni, and their classes, to shed the responsibility of class reunion planning.  The Barn is open to suggestions for any portion of the proposed Hawk Fest event schedule, including the Main Event, held at The Barn.  If you would like a singular, public location to discuss this event, we have created a FB where you can post your questions:  Click here to go to that page.

What do you need to do?
1.  Spread the word about Hawk Fest by sharing this webpage to social media.

2.  Any person(s) who wish to be a liaison representing their individual class, and wishing to inquire further about how to make this event a success, should email us at events@thebarnatpaintfork.com


3.  Buy your tickets sooner rather than later.  Early participation allows for better results/entertainment.

4.  Attend other events your class may organize and the football game.

NOTE: The optional events are truly optional.  We think they should be fun and easy to plan by you.   We suggest something like a lunch reservation at a local restaurant where classmates pay their own way, or maybe Friday night bowling, or a Saturday morning hike.  It is not our intention to "force" or "pressure" any individual to spend tons of time planning the optional events and certainly no out of pocket expenses.  Let's just make this easy and fun. Also, consider doing something fun for the main event to decorate your booth or maybe make name custom name tags just for your classmates.  As a fun item, maybe considering taking a high-quality photo of your senior yearbook and printing it large format as a banner to hang from your booth.  Get creative! 

a.  The Barn has indoor and outdoor spaces and this event will be held rain or shine.

b.  Amenities provided (such as a number of food trucks and selection of entertainment) will depend on participation by classes and the quantity of ticket sales.